Guy’s Snacks is so thankful for Jason Hammel. He’s a new pitcher for the Kansas City Royals and was given a “prescription for potato chips” last year from his team doctor. This unusual #PotatoChipRX has meant that Hammel was looking for a KC potato chip company to start the 2017 season.  And who better than Guy’s?

These “doctor’s orders” have given this local chip company the opportunity to work with the professional baseball player to:

  • arrange a Spring Training photo shoot
  • plan a Facebook contest in conjunction with National Potato Chip Day (Tuesday, March 14)
  • schedule future appearance with Hammel in KC

How did this all get started? Well, it started last year in Chicago – organically – when Jason mentioned to reporters that his doctor thought he should eat potato chips to help with some cramps he was experiencing. There was a lot of coverage in Chicago and nationally on the story because it was so unusual. Then, when he made his way to Kansas City this season, Jason connected with Guy’s Chips as a way to engage the local community and get established in a new city.

Of course, here at Guy’s, we’re ecstatic! We love baseball season and our hometown team! In fact, Guy’s has a longtime history with the Royals and baseball in general. Guy’s is remembered fondly and has a tremendous amount of nostalgia surrounding its involvement with the Royals. And some people may even remember the Guy’s Baseball Trading Pins from the 1960s… which you can still find floating around on Ebay and baseball trade shows!



We can’t wait to cheer on Hammel and our Kansas City Royals! Make sure you follow along on our Facebook page, Twitter page and watch what Jason is up to on his social media accounts too on Twitter and Instagram @HammelTime39.