Janine Joslin, President and Owner of Guy’s Snacks

The thought of asking customers for help in “my” business seemed crazy to me at first because after all, I’m the one who got myself into this. But the more I thought about it the more it made sense.

And that’s when I decided to launch a $26,000 Kickstarter campaign to fund small, snack-sized bags for Guy’s Chips.

You see, I’m the CEO of the company and we’re a very small operation. I took over the family operation five years ago and now it’s just an office manager and a couple of sales guys who help get the product out into the grocery stores throughout Kansas City and beyond. Guy’s Chips can be found in all locally-owned grocery stores in KC as well as in many food markets throughout Kansas, Missouri, Arkansas, Oklahoma, and in some stores in Iowa and Nebraska.

When I took over I instituted changes. We became very lean and strategic and I think this Kickstarter campaign can align with those strategies too.

I also did my research in regards to Kickstarter. I learned all about how to launch a Kickstarter campaign and what I need to do to produce my first run of snack-sized bags of chips.

We launched the campaign on Friday, Oct. 28 – giving our fans 34 days to support the campaign. We have confidence in our brand with its long and nostalgic history in Kansas City. We knew we needed to communicate several specific messages throughout the campaign:

  • First, we’ve heard from our hundreds of loyal Guy’s Chips fans and the No. 1 product they’ve requested over and over is the small, snack-sized bag of chips. Here at Guy’s, we feel your pain. Help us reach our goal and we’ll be able to fund our first production of these small bags.
  • We’ve been selling the 10-ounce family-sized bags for years, but to grow our business we need to expand to convenience stores, food trucks, offices, vending machines, gas stations and more.
  • Guy’s is overlooked in sales even with those individuals who prefer to support a local company because we don’t offer the snack-sized bags.
  • It’s important to remember that when we pool our money together to fuel a common interest, it can help build our community and be considered an investment in a strong local business. We believe the more you put into life, the more it will give back to you.
  • Of course we have real tangible rewards too – not just a good feeling about investing in your community. We’ve gone “old-school” with our Tshirts and re-created the old-style Guy’s logo for the Tshirts and they look amazing! We’re inviting other investors to be among the very first customer to get the first-run of the small bags of chips off the production line.
  • Lastly, as with any Kickstarter campaign, it’s only a pledge unless we reach our goal. Kickstarter is all-or-nothing. No one will be charged for a pledge unless we reach our goal. So please, click the link and make that pledge! http://kck.st/2e5BJXr

Thanks for learning a little bit about our campaign. We’ll update our blog again at the end of the campaign. Fingers crossed. And… Don’t forget the Guy’s – especially on Kickstarter!