OVERLAND PARK, Kan. – The locally-produced Tasty Mix is a savory, salty blend with a hint of

sweet consisting of cheese balls, pretzels, toasted O’s, cheese crackers and cashews. Local grocery shoppers may not have seen Guy’s Tasty Mix for a while, but the popular snack mix has re-emerged.

For almost a year, Guy’s Snacks wasn’t able to produce the beloved snack mix but now after a

couple of starts and stops, Overland Park-based Guy’s Snacks owner, Janine Joslin found a local

company to produce the product. Advanced Food Services of Lenexa perfectly blends the

ingredients and flavoring to create that “everything in one bag” snack.

“We’ve heard from our fans throughout the years that Guy’s nailed it when it created Tasty Mix. It

is just the right mix of flavors and ingredients all in one bite and one bag,” said Joslin, who

purchased the company nine years ago when it looked like Guy’s would disappear locally.

Tasty Mix is packaged in 8-ounce bags and is either located alongside the potato chips in area local

grocery stores or on the other aisles near the snack mixes.

Tasty Mix was one of the products introduced by the original owners of Guy’s Snacks, several

decades ago when it operated a large production facility in Liberty, Mo, and it has been a Kansas

City favorite ever since. During the time when Joslin didn’t have a production company for Tasty

Mix, loyal fans would call and make inquiries about the product frequently.

“We’re thrilled to bring the product back to our customers. It’s a quality snack and one that people

remember through the generations. This product in particular has a nostalgia to it, and now we

hope to introduce it to this new generation of snack lovers,” Joslin said.

Originally made with peanuts, this new Tasty Mix formula is slightly different. It is made with

cashews now because peanut allergies are the most common and can cause the most serious


About Guy’s Snacks: The company first started in 1938 by Guy and Frances Caldwell as "Guy's Nut

and Candy Company" to sell roasted peanuts throughout Kansas City. Guy’s has a retained a

special place in the hearts of many locals throughout the years. Still best-known for its barbecue-

flavored chips, which is one of 10 potato-chip products manufactured under the Guy’s label, this

Overland Park, Kansas-based business has snack products in grocery stores in seven states.