Guy’s Chips has an incredible loyal following. We’re so proud of our Guy’s Chips customers, with their unfailing love, who are willing to walk past the numerous shelves of national brands to hunt for the small section of Guy’s Snacks at grocery stores in the Midwest. Because after all, we recognize that buying local is a priority for our fans.

As we celebrate our 80th anniversary this year, we’re celebrating our celebrity admiration too.

Just in the last year, we’ve been contacted by a list of well-known professionals and celebrities because of their love for Guy’s Chips.

Check out some people you may know who eat and love our products! We’d say we are famous!

Jason Hammel – It started in Chicago – organically – when (then) Cubs player Jason Hammel mentioned to reporters that his doctor thought he should eat potato chips to help with some hand cramps he was experiencing. There was a lot of coverage in Chicago and nationally on the story because it was so unusual. When Jason came to the Kansas City Royals last year, he connected with Guy’s Chips as a way to engage the local community and get established in a new city. We jumped at the chance to tell him all about Guy’s Chips, our history in KC and he ended up becoming a fan of the local brand.




Jason Hammel – HammelTime39


Kalen Allen – YouTuber, “food reactionist” and Kansas City native declared his love of Guy’s Chips when he was asked what some of his favorite Kansas City foods are. Since he was on The Ellen Show and now has a partnership with Ellen DeGeneres… you never know? Maybe Ellen will be gushing about Guy’s soon!



Kalen Allen – @TheKalenAllen


Tony Kornheiser – Well-known sportswriter, sports radio personality turned podcaster, Tony Kornheiser has mentioned Guy’s Chips on several of his recent podcasts. Radio station staff have even purchased a few cases of the chips on Tony’s behalf. He first got his taste of our chips when he was covering Monday Night Football for ESPN and talked about it on his podcast, Pardon the Interruption on ESPN radio. Tony, we’d love to meet you and give you some of our famous BBQ chips!

Tony Kornheiser – @ThisShowStinks

Dakota Draper – The current reigning and defending National Wrasslin’ League champion is none other than the “Mile High Magnum” Dakota (Dak) Draper. Dak describes himself as 6’5”, handsome and tan… oh, and that he loves Guy’s Chips!

And apparently he is pretty good in the ring. Here’s what we love about him the most – you have to watch the enthusiasm in this YouTube video!





Dak Draper – @MileHighMagnum


Jim Warren – All on his own, Jim Warren has been a huge advocate of Guy’s Chips in California of all places. Formerly from Kansas City and now a California guy, Jim works with many Soap Opera stars including Laura Wright and Kin Shriner… both actors on General Hospital. Jim has delivered Laura and Kin (among others) the famous Guy’s Chips from KC and photographed the actors enjoying the chips for social media. Thanks for your persistent outreach on our behalf!




Kin Shriner – @kinshriner



Laura Wright – @lldubs

Can you help us find even more celebrities who love Guy’s Chips?